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A colouring book that's designed for adults and kids! Each spread contains a drawing of the same building; the image on the left is for kids, while the image on the right is for adults. Explore the village together, and decorate the buildings in your own unique ways. (2021)

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Magnolia's of St. Jacobs, 1399 King St N, St. Jacobs

Aura-La Pastry and Provisions, 324 Frederick St, Kitchener

Hampton Inn and Suites/Homewood Suites by Hilton, St. Jacobs Market District

Playfully written and sketched with whimsy, this book contains over 75 drawings and commentaries on a village that made its way into the artist's heart. (2021)

"Such fun and beautiful work! We just love it."

"What a great book! Love the drawings!"

"A great keepsake!"

Available for purchase:

Hampton Inn and Suites/Homewood Suites by Hilton, St. Jacobs Market District

Three Sisters Cultural Centre, 1370 King St. N., St. Jacobs

Change Lifestyle and Apparel, 2-1440 King St. N., St. Jacobs

Hop on your bike or jump in your car and use this book to help guide you around the beautiful and interesting structures near Ontario's last covered bridge. (2021)

"Interesting and informative."

"A lovely book. It's just great!"

"The sketches are stunning."

"It is absolutely beautiful!"

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Available for purchase:

Lost Acre Variety, 12 Covered Bridge Dr., West Montrose

Take this book on a walking tour, exploring more than 30 structures in the historic town of Conestogo, Ontario. (2020)


"This book brought back some memories."

"This book captures the feel of the village."

"A nice keepsake of the town I grew up in."

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A retelling of the classic Christmas carol, written in journal form, by the recipient of the 12 Christmas gifts. (2011)

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An immigrant family moves to Canada, and begins a new tradition of hanging their old shoes on a maple tree. (2010)

"Colourfully illustrated and told with imagination and verve..." -Hugh Cook, author

"...endearing and meaningful for readers young and old." -Ruth M. Goldbloom, O.C.

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