Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do you do commissions?

A. Yes, I work on commissions for homes, cottages, businesses, restaurants, and other significant buildings. I typically work on commissions from September to June, so that I can spend summers exploring the world, and trying my hand at other sketching activities.

Q. What can I expect from a commission?

A. I invite you to browse my Instagram account to get an idea of my style. My sketches are lively, whimsical interpretations of structures, and at times the perspectives are skewed. My sketches are not photorealistic; rather, they are playful representations. You will receive a 9x12 sketch (unless we have a conversation about an alternative size, due to the subject), unmatted and unframed.

Q. What materials do you use?

A. I enjoy playing with various brands and types of papers. My sketches are typically on 9x12 sheets of acid-free 140 lb. watercolour paper. I typically use watercolours, ink, dual brush pens, Posca pens, and any other tools I have in my growing arsenal.

Q. Do you add people or pets to your sketches?

A. The focus of my artwork is on structures, with a few objects included (trees, flowers, shrubs, planters, etc.) for composition purposes. I do not add people or animals.

Q. Do you sketch from photos?

A. If sketching on location isn't possible, I work from photos that have either been provided by the client or, if the location is within Waterloo Region, I will take the photos myself. Please note: I cannot include objects in the sketch that are not included in the photos provided, nor can I add objects once the sketch has been completed; travel fees may apply.

Q. How much do you charge for a commissioned sketch?

A. Please contact me for pricing.

Q. How does your payment system work?

A. I require a $50 commitment deposit before I begin, with the balance to be paid upon completion.

Q. Can I make prints, canvases, or digital copies of my commissioned piece?

A. No. Under Canadian law, the artist holds the copyright to all work. Prints are an important revenue stream for artists in the same way as recordings and royalties are for musicians. Therefore, I alone hold the right to make prints or digital copies of commissioned work. You can order prints of my sketches; please contact me for pricing.